Who We Are

Investing in Digital Innovations - Breeding A
Next-Gen of Entrepreneurs

Quantum Growth Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture capital fund is strategically structured to identify and transform potential winners, from “Next-Gen Mobility”, an eco-system consisting of:

  • - Automotive
  • - Transport & Logistics and
  • - Financial Services Industries

We partner with innovative and disruptive technology companies across the US, EU and globally, at their early growth stages and provide:

  • - Smart Equity with Strategic Vision
  • - Cutting-Edge Technology
  • - Business Development
  • - Access to Global Markets

We bring significant synergies by leveraging over two decades of experience
across Europe, North America and Asia; the fastest growing innovation hubs in the world.

What is Next-Gen Mobility?

An eco-system that enables efficient movement of people (Automotive), goods and services
(Transport & Logistics) and money (Financial Services) through the use of disruptive technologies and services.

Transport & Logistics 
Manufacturing, Aftermarket, Fleet Services, Dealerships, Logistics, Transport Infrastructure
Emerging Categories
Autonomous, Connected, Electric and Shared Vehicle Technologies, Telematics, Advanced Mapping, Sensors, 3D Imaging, Data Analytics, AR, Navigation, V to V Communication, Supply Chain, Drones, Logistic/Routing, Transit Solutions, Smart Parking and Auto Security
Brought by Innovative Technologies
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning | Cloud Infrastructure | Data Analytics | Industrial Automation | IOT Security | Robotics | Sensors / Computer Vision | Simulation Software | Virtual & Augmented Reality | Wireless Technologies & Communications
Financial Services(focused on auto, transport & logistic sectors)
Digitalization of Financial Services Transactions
Mobility Transactions, Banking, Investments, Insurance, Leasing and Borrowings
Mobile Banking | Payments / Ticketing | FINtech – Blockchain | Cryptocurrencies Platforms | Cybersecurity
Digitalization of Financial Services Transactions
Emerging Categories
Mobility Transactions, Banking, Investments, Insurance, Leasing and Borrowings
Brought by Innovative Technologies
Mobile Banking | Payments / Ticketing | FINtech – Blockchain | Cryptocurrencies Platforms | Cybersecurity

Our Vision

Commitment to innovation and excellence in transforming companies in Next-Gen Mobility of people, goods and money, that will help catalyze the exceptional value creation with a positive social impact.

Why do we invest in “Next-Gen Mobility”?

  • Next-Gen Mobility is the largest eco-system in the world with a combined market size of over $9 Trillion and are currently undergoing the fastest and unprecedented digital transformation after decades of slow growth.
  • We believe that the tech driven Next-Gen mobility companies will grow 50X by 2030 (2017: $111B 2030: $5T).
  • The technology companies that embrace these transformations will have the fastest acceptability in the marketplace due to exceptional user value with positive socio-environment impacts and hence will bring exceptional growth and returns.

Positive Social & Environmental Impacts

Auto, Transport & Logistics

  • Increased Driver & Passenger Experience
  • Increased Vehicular and Road Safety
  • Faster and Convenient Commuting
  • Cleaner Environment and better Public Health
  • Significant Consumer Savings and Productivity Gains
  • New TaaS industry – Bigger than Internet + Mobile Phones


  • Increased User Experience
  • Speed and Global Outreach
  • Affordability and Convenience

Companies providing technology solutions for Auto, Transport & Logistics and Fintech are a natural fit for us, as we have a unique set of experiences, relationships and expertise in these sectors. We have been consulting and investing in the eco-system for over two decades and are recognized as thought leaders.

We are one of the very few funds, providing unique investment opportunities across the US, EU and Globally.

How We Create Value?

Quantum Growth Ventures is structured to provide companies
in Next-Gen Mobility a mix of capital, technology support and access to global
markets via our founders’ global technology consulting company, “Gateway Group”.

In addition to Risk Capital, we provide:

Cutting edge Tech support leveraging 20 Years of experience, having worked with 500+ companies.
Business Development & Strategic Partnership via offices in 16 Countries & Established Global Network. We help commercialize products and services, win early customers, and gain much needed early market traction.
Global investment expertise capitalizing 10+ years of experience.

We are Entrepreneurs

20+ Years of Experience in
Establishing Successful Group of Technology Companies

We are 100% aligned with our founders’ group company, Gateway Group and we fully leverage the Group’s existing Next-Gen Mobility expertise, M&A experience and a strong global network.

Our advisory board consists of:

- A team of visionaries who spots trends and defines strategies to achieve quantum growth and

- A pool of technologists who can help shape dreams by providing critical technology inputs for quicker time to market.

Our value creation initiatives greatly increase “Odds of Success”.

We admire the time, energy and efforts that the Gateway Group has spent on delivering apt solutions for our automotive-related queries. [+]

We approached them for our queries and we found out about them via ‘word-of-mouth’. We are sure to recommend them for their flawless work, for easy and fast automotive solutions. [-]

Regional Operations Manager, Automotive Manufacturer, USA

It was a wonderful freight service that helped in the transportation of easily breakable goods”, is something we get to hear very often from our customers. [+]

This positive feedback for us has been possible only because of the Gateway Group’s services for our enterprise. [-]

HR Manager, Transport & Logistics Industry, India

The most risky and worrisome work is when one has to deal with money. The Gateway Group has stood by us through thick and thin, guiding us at each step and transparently discussing everything that involves in ‘Finance’. [+]

We are definitely going to continue, looking for their guidance and recommendations for future investment and important financial decisions. [-]

COO, Financial Services Company, USA

Fund Management

Tempest Ventures - Successfully Managing a Family Office with a Track Record of 10+ years

Value Creation for Investee Companies

Apart from investing capital, we bring more than 20 years of experience driving organizations to hyper growth and measurable business value to the investee companies.
We focus on long-term value creation in the businesses we invest in by carving innovative strategies.
We provide a platform to investee companies to take advantage of our network in markets like Nordic Countries / Japan and Benelux, which are otherwise difficult to penetrate in.

Some of the Portfolio Companies

iGarage has brought a unique concept for Car Maintenance in the European market.

An end-to-end software platform for the next generation manufacturing and value-added logistics companies.

The ecosystem and the social network of the Tempest Group helped us to reach to the right person in the right market in the auto industry. [+]

The Tempest Group has been a partner with us since the time of inception. The technology and industry-specific domain knowledge helped us to build our exceptional product in the auto industry. [-]

Partner & Director of a Technology Product Company in Auto Industry, the Netherlands